Have a property to rent?

As an investor, you want a booking service and property management company that treats your home like it’s their own. You want full respect for your valuable property and support to maximise returns through holiday or short-term rentals.

You’ll want to choose a full service, to save you stress and money. The best:

  • help you set up your home, so it attracts quality and repeat guests

  • provide detailed, knowledgeable management guidance and services

  • manage guest stays (booking, during stay and checkout)

  • provide quality cleaning services

  • provide reliable and prompt maintenance services.

Did you know?

Data shows that guest management is the second most important factor for short-term rental guests. Ease of communication and responsiveness are top priorities for a quality guest experience.

MadeComfy data based on analysis of 1,3000 reviews from guests who stayed at MadeComfy properties between June and December 2018.

How it works with us

  • full property assessment

  • accurate pricing strategy for all times of year—low season, mid-season, high season, special holiday breaks

  • styling and furnishing advice

  • professional photography and copywriting services

  • pristine, professional cleaning, linen and turnover services

  • 24-­7, attentive guest support

  • 24-­7, operations/maintenance support

  • quality assurance system

  • fully-informed investment advice

  • transparent short-term rental management fees

  • support with finances, including holding income in a secure trust account

  • assurance your property will be managed in line with legal requirements.

Did you know?

Styling is especially important given the high level of competition for short-term rentals at the South Coast. Those looking for properties online compare, compare, compare, and first impressions count. Also, great styling makes for great photos and great photos attract quality renters and get your property great reviews.

Other benefits

  • real-time property dashboard to monitor bookings and manage your calendar

  • professional property marketing

  • presence on all major, reputable booking websites to access more guest markets and drive higher earnings

  • exclusive listing on the MadeComfy website.

Did you know?

Almost 50% of MadeComfy’s total booking revenue is generated outside of Airbnb. If you’re booking on one platform only, you’re missing out on significantly higher earnings.

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