About us

Whether you’re looking for a holiday rental or have a property for short-term rental, you’ll want a  property manager who is locally based, experienced and knowledgeable.

To secure peace of mind, it’s wise to choose a licensed real estate agency with a dedicated and qualified property management team that’s free to focus on the essentials of short-term rentals.

For property owners, that’s a team that treats your precious and valuable property like it’s their own.

For renters, that’s a team that is on hand to provide support should anything go wrong.

Batemans Bay Holiday Rentals is led by full-time Property Manager, Kama Terry, who understands from direct experience how important property management is from both sides of the fence. She both rented and had properties she’s rented out.

Kama knows that the devil is in the detail with property management and that all the boxes must be ticked so landlords and renters are well taken care of.

Thorough and meticulous, Kama excels at customer service. She’s super-efficient and handles problems with care and applies sound judgement when solving issues so everyone’s satisfied.

Kama is supported by a full-time maintenance expert, who is on hand to fix problems large and small as soon as possible after they appear. She’s also supported by the experts at Harcourts Batemans Bay who know the South Coast property market inside and out.

Last, but not least, Kama is backed by adorable Reggie, a Maltese Shih Tzu who works full-time as our trusty mascot.